Stacking question (M4OHN and M-Dien)

  1. Stacking question (M4OHN and M-Dien)

    On the DS web page Sledge recommends the following stacks for cutting:

    -Cutting cycles:
    8-10mgs of M4OHN per day, 20-30mgs of M5AA preworkout only for 4-6 weeks.

    8mgs M4OHN per day, 5-7mgs Methyl-Dien per day for 4 weeks.

    400-600mgs per week of 1 Test Cyp and or 5AA Cyp, 8-16mgs M4OHN per day for 6-8 weeks.
    I've done an 8mg M4OHN w/ 30mg M5AA preworkout for two weeks and I was impressed with the results, but a little concerned with the effects on my hair. It wasn't anything major but I want to use the M5AA sparingly.

    I've also used M4OHN and M-Dien by themselves and I've been impressed with the results (even when using M-dien at a low dose), both for two week cutting cycles.

    Well now I'm looking to do another 2-4 week cutting cycle and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I haven't been able to find any feedback on the M4OHN/M-Dien combination.

    Like I mentioned above, I got good results from a 2 week, low dose (4mg) M-dein cycle, but after hearing all the feedback I'm beginning to wonder how much of it was from the M-dien and how much was due to my training, diet, and the fact that I hadn't done a real cut in a long time.

    I'm also going to be using TriMax for the first two weeks of the cycle.

    I'm about 215 right now, 5'11", about 10% bf.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. I am going to do a 6 week cycle in which I will do:

    Week1-2 8mg MD/12mg M4OHN 20mg/ M5AA P/W
    Week 3-4 Trimax (pyramid) 8mg MD/12mg M4ohn/20mg M5AA P/W
    week 5-6 8mg MD/16mg M4ohn/20mg M5AA PW/7OXO/Guggul/Tyrosine

    Then PCT (PH) with mild Ephedrine HCL/C/7OXO/Guggul

    The thought is to get the PH in your system then hit the thyroid and perform your thyroid PCT while you are still on PH to stave off suppression and muscle loss.
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  3. I would start the trimax a week or two in so that you can hopefully have the androgens kicking in to prevent as much muscle loss as possible.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I think this is what i've decided on:

    Week 1: 8mg M4OHN & 5mg M-Dien, Trimax
    Week 2: 8mg M4OHN & 5mg M-Dien, Trimax
    Week 3: 8mg M4OHN & 5mg M-Dien, Clen (possibly)
    Week 4: 8mg M4OHN & 5mg M-Dien, Clen (possibly)

    I have a feeling that I might end up liking this a little less than M4OHN and M5AA but there's only one way to find out....

  5. I'm leaning towards trying a m-dien/m4ohn cycle myself starting in a few weeks time. I've been cutting androgen free for the last 7 or 8 weeks, and so far have been successful in gaining a small amount of lean mass and seeing small strength increases in most of my lifts while doing so. I'd like to continue with the same supplementation I've been utilizing, but with the addition of these compounds to push things over the top.

    I haven't used either m-dien or m4ohn as of yet, but think my first time doing so will be stacked together. I will likely start the M-dien at 6mg per day, possibly increasing to 8mg per day, and the m4ohn at 12 mg per day, and increasing to 16mg depending. This is one cycle I'm rather excited to try.

  6. M1T, M4OHN + M5, or M4OHN

    I am curious too about stacking M4OHN and M-Dien. I'm starting week 3 of a cycle which has M1T weeks 3-4, then M4OHN weeks 5-8. I was going to use M5AA pre-workout with the M4OHN weeks 5-8, but since I want to harden/cut sort-of, but retain gains, I'm thinking of using M-Dien instead of the M5. Any opinions on either idea, or experience, suggestions? How about dosages for a M4/MD stack? Thanks for any feelings or comments.

  7. Like said before, I would start the trimax at least one week into the PH. I'm not up to par with my mdien knowledge, but if it acts anything like m4ohn in that it takes awhile to really kick in, the best time to take advantage of the muscle sparing properties of the androgens would be at least a week in. Your idea for continuing the androgens 2 weeks post-trimax, though, is very sound and should definately be done at all costs.


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