Has anyone considered/tried this?

  1. Question Has anyone considered/tried this?

    Has anyone tried doing a DHEA transdermal? (Obviously there are better compounds for growth out there, so don't even go down that road.)

    For example, 1Fast lists this DHEA powder: http://www.1fast400.com/?products_****751

    It looks interesting to me.

    I was wondering if it might be beneficial to run this while on cycle, to help combat sides? Lethargy, libido, etc. Might supplementing with DHEA lead to supression on natty DHEA production, and what impact does that have on us? Obviously older people are seeing some success with this compound, will it have a useful affect on men in their 30's?

    I am just wondering about the context and application for something like this. Obviously, there will be more interest in this topic post-B_N than right now.

    There are many questions in this post, thanks in advance.

  2. I always use it w/ PCT. It offers more of an anti-catabolic and androgenic benifit than an anabolic one, like you said. So, it's a good bridging compound and also provides your body w/ a good precurser for test production while at the same time antagonizing cortisol. All three of these issues are important to PCT, because it's not about gains then, just about maximum muscle retention and natural test recovery. I've never tried it trans but I don't see why not. That would be super economical and effective with the raw powder.

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