where did the transform sd go ???

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    Hey no reason how was your m drol epi cycle. I was just wondering what kind of gains I can expect since I'm bout to start that same cycle.
    no a bad cycle..i blew up pretty quick from the m-drol went from 225 to 232 in 3 weeks..the epi-strong i got one more week and its suppose to help in keeping the gains from the m-drol..didnt get any really bad sides except for being a little tired and the m-drol makes me eat like a beast..this is my first time doing this bridge cycle i like it because it gives your body the right amount of time to aclimate and hold on to your gains verses just doing a 3 week cycle of m-drol and then loosing it just as fast.

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    IIITTTSS BAAACCCKKK FELLLAAASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! STOCK UP!!!! and some new stuff

    hey !!! shhhhhhhhhhh !!! lol !



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