PS/PH Methyltestosterone equivalent

  1. PS/PH Methyltestosterone equivalent

    What is the PH/PS equivalent of Methyltestosterone?

  2. methyl-4ad

  3. In case you do not know, methyl testosterone is a "bad" steroid--meaning somewhat dangerous. A lot of this is discussed in the following thread:

  4. m-4ad wasn't tested much because of more interesting compounds.

    Anyway, why are you interested in methyl-test equivalent?

  5. Thanks for the response and concern. Okay, here is what I am exploring. This is not for me. For my wife. Estratest is estrogen plus methlytest and can be used post-menopause. However, would like to stay from estrogen. This is to explore other alternatives. She has used methyltest in the past and likes the libido boost and did not experience any adverse side effects. We also are aware of potential liver enzyme elevations. It also worked well for her physique as she is a BB. Test propionate would work, but trying to avoid eod injections if possible. Appreciate your feedback!

  6. Why not just use 4ad? It'd be much safer for long term use. She would only need a small dose, so oral could work well. Transdermal would be better, but she make not like that idea. Otherwise maybe test with a longer acting ester.


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