2 weeks 4AD solo/4 weeks 4AD+4 weeks M1T

  1. 2 weeks 4AD solo/4 weeks 4AD+4 weeks M1T

    How many of you have run 2 weeks 4AD solo, then run it w/ M1T for 4 weeks with success? I'm thinking about this for my next run.

  2. 4AD an M1T

    I ran 4AD with M1T for 8 weeks like this: 2 weeks alone, then weeks 3-4 with 10mg M1t, weeks 5-6 alone, weeks 7-8 with 15mg M1T. This worked well. No major sides, save low back soreness with the M1T. Now I'm PCT wishing I could jump back in. I suppose some would say this cycle is too long.

  3. Yeah, people will probably think thats too long based on all the feedback I've read. I would probably tend to agree to err on the side of caution. I just finished my 1st and am already planning out my 2nd run but will wait till August. Who knows, by then I'll probably end up changing my mind and running another type of ph.

    Anyway, what kind of 4AD were you using? I was using BDC transdermal. I read that it takes a couple of weeks to kick in and I would have to agree that most of my strength gains came late in week 3 and then only had week 4 after that. I was w/ 20mg's M1T by the way.

  4. I used 4AD from kilosports, my t/d formula was a pre-application of dmso (pre-fab cream with aloe, etc.) on the skin, then followed with 300mg 4AD mixed in instant hand sanitizer (made of ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, propelyne glycol). Its basically the same as any prime t/d formula but a hell of a lot cheaper. I'm sure someone will find something wrong with this, but in my mind it works great. So I'd do 2 daily applications 12 hours or so apart, 300mg each. I took the M1T in the am, because it didn't seem to make me lethargic. If it had, I would have taken it with my last meal.

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