M1,4ADD Bridged to Superdrol

  1. M1,4ADD Bridged to Superdrol

    I'm new to the forum, but experienced in AAS and PH. I did a search, and couldn't find this particular combo, so I thought I'd ask.

    I'm thinking of doing a bulking cycle with M1,4ADD bridged into Superdrol, starting a cut toward the end of the SD portion. I'd finish up the cut during PCT, with a couple weeks of clenbuterol added. Finally, go back to maintenance calories after the clen. Any pitfalls to this, or experiences?

    BTW, I've used all these compounds before. I'm a "super responder" to Superdrol (like UnrealMachine mentioned previously in this forum), and have seen gains at doses as low as 5mg. I never go past 10mg, so liver issues aren't expected (but I'll be doing the usual preloading of liver and BP supplements).

    Any thoughts?

  2. never, ever cut during PCT

    you can transition into a recomp during the latter portion of the cycle and keep recomping in PCT but an outright cut in PCT is a bad idea. After you have added lbm and you are trying to reestablish your natural test, a calorie deficit is the last thing you need
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  3. Thanks, UnrealMachine. I understand your point, although I've done it several times before. The way I've done it before is to use clen for the first two weeks following SD, while finishing the cut during those two weeks, then maintain. Maybe we're just differing on terminology, since I never cut aggressively. I suppose the way I've done it could be considered recomp.

    What do you think of the bridge? I've seen posts about bridging *from* SD into something else, but not the other way. My thinking was that since M1,4ADD is wet, it might be best to end with something dry (SD).

  4. with the bridge, not my favorite, but still it'll work fine enough.

    cutting means you are TRYING to lower your bodyweight which i dont think is a good idea in PCT. You will have no problems at all lowering your bodyweight in PCT... you are trying to stop that from happening.

    recomp is maintaining bodyweight
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  5. Have you cut in pct for SD? From my experiance SD gains are impossible to hold on to in a caloric defecit even if small. I have managed to keep prob 85-90% gains from SD even though pct and than cut in week 5 out so last week of pct and within two weeks lose 10lbs on big excercises. For me I can keep them in a surplus but not a defecit.

  6. Makes sense. I'll stick with just trying to maintain the same weight until after PCT, then cut. As mentioned previously, I have cut while on SD, continuing the cut with clen for the first two weeks of PCT. It has worked for me, because my main difficulty in keeping muscle gains has usually been loss of strength (forcing less reps), which, for me, happens gradually, later in PCT. At that point, I'm back to maintenance calories, anyway.


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