Bola + Ep cycle

  1. Bola + Ep cycle

    Anybody going to try a Boladrol + epi cycle?

  2. sounds good, bola 6mg e/d for 4 weeks, epi for 40mg e/d 6 weeks, last two weeks, epi solo.

  3. I was planning to run:
    Option 1:
    Bola: 6/6/8/8
    Epi 0/0/45/45/45/60?

    Option 2:
    Bola: 6/6/6/6
    Epi: 0/0/30/45/45/60

    Not really sure if option 1 would be a good idea it really depends on how bad the sides are considering i have never used the compound i dont know what to expect i think option 2 would be the better option

  4. its such a hard decision though because I have like 3 bottles of SD sitting around... not really sure what compound i want to run

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