Latvian bodybuilder shares his secrets of steroids!

With Yura Gutsan we met through internet, and it was about 2 years ago. Yuri lives in Latvia. We all wanted to meet, but somehow with time the problems were, Yuri has not been able to obtain permission for entry to the Russian. But still he came to Moscow! Сome to the meeting place ... is Yuri, all in white (shorts, t-shirt), Vienna, clearly visible on his trained, dry, tanned body ... bodybuilder, he was even dressed in white clothes bodybuilder! Vascularity will not remove, as a true and large muscles ... Beautiful bodybuilder. According to recent reports Yuri was invited to work in the United States, in the Golds Gym, and maybe fall he will move there to live forever ... so ...

Meet with Yuri Gutsan

1997 2 nd place in the Championship in Latvia.
1999 2 nd place in the Championship in Latvia.