Boladrol + Epi?

  1. Boladrol + Epi?

    What do you guys think about boladrol epi bridge?

  2. If I did it I would do only 3 weeks of Balodrol + 3 weeks of Epi.

    Tough choice, I would wait for more feedback on this. Ask the loggers in their logs what they think.

  3. yea thats i have been doing i posted on some of logs asking about this. I was thinking about somthing like this:

    Bola - 4/4/4/6 (depending on sides)
    Epi 0/0/0/30/45/45

    and if i were to do it i would make a log for it on here

  4. I don't even think this should be consider yet until we get bloodwork back on just how severe the liver toxicity is.

  5. Well i wasnt planning on starting a cycle untill the end of december so im hoping there will be more information out on liver toxicity on this compound untill then I am just considering this an option depending on what results come back



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