Question about training ON cycle

  1. Question about training ON cycle

    A buddy and I were debating this the other day.

    While a person is ON cycle, there body has the ability to recover at a faster rate than someone who is not. So if someone is lifting natural, with an intensity to the max, and really can only benefit from roughly an hour of training. Would would training look like for someone on? Would they benefit from spending additional time in the weight room say an hour and a half, or an hour an 45 minutes? Assuming they can keep the intensity up, and are using proper pre, and during nutrition. Essential that should allow more muscle tears, correct? And since they are on cycle they would be able to make that recovery. I am basing this off the theory a person can recover at a rate of 3-4 times that of someone who is natural.

  2. From my research,
    Gear doesn't improve the rate at which connective tissue recovers. Time spent at the gym is relative, depends on what you're doing. Sure, you can probably get a few more sets or reps in, but you still need time off for your muscles and connective tissue to regenerate. Gear allows more muscles to be built with less stimulation, thus given 2 equal training regimes, the person on gear will achieve greater gains given proper diet and support. However, overtaining is a realistic problem when on cycle since it is so easy to overdo it due to decreased recovery time and increased strength gains.

    In my past cycles, I've always stuck to a set training plan in order to avoid injury and overtraining.

  3. hmmm, Im no expert here, but im under the influence that gear works as a nutrient partitioner. Thus allowing more nutrients into the muscle fibers at a faster rate. This results in activation of protein synthesis to repair damaged fibers. again I am no expert but it does make sense when you say gear doesnt improve the rate at which connective tissue recovers however, if i could create more strain and tears within the muscles then there would be more repairs taking place due to the cells being in a more anabolic environment due to the use of gear. Correct? Again attempting to figure out if on cycle it is beneficial to add not one or two sets but say two or three exercises per workout, or even perworkout per body part?

  4. You can take a look at other people's logs and look at their training regime. You are right, anabolics promote recovery of muscle fibers. But they don't do much afaik about connective tissue such as tendons and joints.

  5. You have to remember that the weights youre lifting will be increasing at a far more dramatic and steadier rate than normal. So thats a lot of extra stress on the body. Therefore you dont want to change youre work outs too much. I might add a drop set or two at the end of each exercise.



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