question about joints while on cycle epi/sd

  1. question about joints while on cycle epi/sd

    so im about to run havoc again. im thinkin of running the havoc 40mg for the first 5wks and 50mgs wk6. any way i have sd and phera. im goin for a lean bulk so i think the sd would be a good choice for the first 3wks at 10mgs, however i have a bad shoulder and i don't want too much strain on my joints.
    would it be better to leave out the sd and maybe run the phera instead or leave out both? ive run havoc in the past and i love it i'm just worried about really hurting my shoulder. i have supper cissus and fish oil for joimt support. my pct is torem. basically which compound would be less strain on my joints. i'm open to any suggestions. thank you i just wanna do this cycle right

  2. Let your shoulder fully heal 1st, then do a SD/epi bridge. I know there is some logs of it on here and people have had great results.

  3. Superdrol-epi bridge is definitely a popular cycle on these boards lately. I have arthritis in my left shoulder that I know is chronic. So, I have had to learn to deal with it in my workouts and especially on cycle. I am on day 3 of a cycle right now. Superdrone for three weeks bridged with Epi-Strong for four and Androhard the whole time. I know if I am going to get through the cycle I have to pound joint supps, fish oil, and drink plenty of water. I found a cheap massage therapist that works on me two to three times a week. I have had to cut out a few excercises like over head dumbell presses and military presses. I also ice my shoulder after workouts whether its bothering me or not. Anything to reduce inflamation. I am not saying this is what you should do. I don't know what's wrong your shoulder. Lightweight might be right in recommending to you that you let it heal first. And also know, for me, epi definetely drys my joints out more than superdrol. That's just my two cents.

  4. thanks bro i appreciate it. yea i also have eliminated a few shoulder exercises and also go light on should days. as far as my cycle what do u think
    sd- 10/10/20
    pct- torem

    keep in mind i have ran both compounds before, just not together. i also have done phera, halodrol/stanodrol and a 16wk test-e/deca cycle. damn i wish i still had my connect for the real deal haha.

  5. That would be a little to harsh for me specially since I am dosing my superdrol a little higher. I am doing: 15/20/25 superdrol
    0/ 0/ 30/45/45/45(maybe 60 last week) epi
    It's six weeks, starting the epi in the beginning of the third week, ending the superdrol at the end of the third week and continue to run the epi for another three weeks. I am doing a lean bulk. I am not new to superdrol and I know that I will put on about 12 to 14 pounds in three weeks. The problem I have had is keeping most of it. So I am bridging into the epi, not expecting to gain much more weight, but to continue gaining strength and hoping to solidify the superdrol gains before I go into pct. I have done superdrol and epi before but never bridged like this. There are a lot of logs right now of guys doing the same thing for the same reason. I definetely did not come up with this on my own. And I definitely do not stack two methyls for too long. I stacked two methyls a few years a ago and did not like my blood work when I was done.

  6. start the Epi 1wk after the SD. Both of them on your liver for 3wks is going to be hell on the liver.

  7. I believe most of the guys on this forum would agree that the most effective way to bridge the two is the way I have laid it out. It keeps the cycle down to six weeks. Just low dose the epi the week of bridge, then bump it up right after you finish the superdrol. I definetely agree with not stacking it more than a week specially three weeks.

  8. catty66 laid it out for you the same way i have seen many others on here lay it out and is the way i plan on running it in a few months.

    SD: 15/20/25/0/0/0
    EPI: 0/0/30/45/45/45

  9. im runnin havoc(10mg) and m-drol 10mg so how about this
    or since im really not trying to gain much weight just leave the sd out and run the havoc 30/40/40/40/50/50
    i don't know maybe i should just save the sd for another cycle. i'd like to use up the 2btls of havoc i have and do a 6wk cycle. i'm lookin to gain 5lbs after pct and really just lose a lil bodyfat. i'm at 205lbs now and i rather not get too bulky. another option would be maybe just pulsing the sd m/w/f at 10mgs for the first 3wks following the same epi protocol. damn this **** is hard to decide haha i've been thinkin about how the most effective way to run this cycle for the past 3months.

  10. You got the bridge correct. But you should be able to attain you're goals easily with just havoc and a good diet. It would be alot easier on you're body.

  11. yea im just gonna run the havoc thanks for all your help.


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