Lean Mass/Cutting Cycle

  1. Lean Mass/Cutting Cycle

    Hey guys I want yall's opinion on my proposed cycle that I want to start in a few weeks.

    1-6: M-4ohn...I'll prolly start at 12mg and work my way up.
    1-6: VPX 4-oht...1cc/day
    1-4: VPX 1-test cyp...2cc/day

    I am going to also be alternating liquid clen and an eca stack every two weeks. Other supps will be flax and fish oil, sesathin, multi, r-ala, and custom's new volumizer. PCT will consist of nolva, metacort, zma, and cell volumizer.

    Right now I am 5'9, 190lbs, b/t 11 and 12%bf and am looking to stay around the same weight but get into single digit bf. I will be consuming a minimum of 300g of protein a day and will be cycling my carbs according to what days I will be working out. Any opinions on this cycle are welcomed.

  2. wut up Manu20 GGGGiinnoobbbbbllliiii(gogopis tonsbaby!) Ohhh yah it WAS sweet man

    The cycle looks fab bro(but to be honest I've never used VPX)
    Jug more flax than fish oil and you be coo + it sounds like you got the ultimate PCT BooYaa style ultra deluxo breakdown. Man, I think you be very lean and strong too, just like the Spurs will be next Year kick'n some mo Laker buttie. Oh yaaaa


  3. Are you running any PCT?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Manu20
    PCT will consist of nolva, metacort, zma, and cell volumizer.

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