Monster/Epi bridge

  1. Monster/Epi bridge

    So I've decided on a Monster/Epi bridge at the new year. Would it be ok if I stacked 11-sterone with it?

  2. i think it'd be ok, but totally unnecessary as the compounds you're bridging SHOULD be more than enough
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  3. in theory, yes. its not methylated. it seems like a bit too many compounds though.

  4. you probably wouldn't notice much from 11-sterone when you're on Mondsterdrol or Epi but it won't hurt. Personally i don't think that compound is strong enough for the price tag just IMO so i would probably go without it.
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  5. Id say save it for more of a straight up cut cycle. It would be like throwing a pebble into an ocean.

  6. rgr that

  7. not needed. if anything just save it, wait until you're done with PCT and then wait another 4-5 weeks and then run the 11oxo solo in a cut


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