Refining my bulking cycle.

  1. Refining my bulking cycle.

    I'm gonna be running a bulking cycle in 4 weeks time. That's 8 weeks after my m1t cycle, so I'm gonna take some time off to get a clean system for a blood test.

    Also to give my system a break.

    After this, I wanna run a killer Bulking cycle to bring my strength and mass up.
    I'm feeling a bit small at 235.

    Here's what I wanna do. 6 week cycle.
    week 1-2 60 mg m14add
    week 3-4 70mg m14add
    week 5-6 80 mg m14add.

    I'm gonna mix it in some peg.(I have the powder) So I'll be using 3g for the whole cycle.

    If someone thinks the dosing is to low then I'll have to add another g, cos they come in one gram increments(I'm not gonna try and split it).

    I wanna add something though, cos this is my last pure buliking cycle for the year.

    I'm thinking maybe 10mg m4ohn, since it's very easy on the system.
    I can't do 1-test.
    Any other ideas please?

    Maybe 6mg of m-dien for 4 weeks in there?(probly too harsh but worth the asking)

    Also how should I devide the dosage, 2 or 3 times per day?
    I'lll also be taking 600mg r-ala the whole cycle and will be taking the peg with grapefruit juice.

  2. Are you planning to have kids one day? Sorry, personal questions can get some peoples a wee bit cranky 'round heya.
    Let me ask you this, before I advise you, did you have any form of PCT planned?

  3. theres no point in ramping up the dosages over time.
    no one will reccomend you stack methyls.
    buy some nolva.

  4. Yes, ofcourse I have Pct planned! I just didn't feel like typing the whole thing out again!

    For Pct, I'll run nolva and tribulis as usual along with some milk thiste. Maybe 6oxo, but probly not.

    So what do you suggest I do morfiend? Should I just run 70mg ed the whole cycle??
    I'd like to use this cycle to test m14add, and see what the best dose is for me.

    The limiting factor is that I can only use 1g increments for the cycle.
    So it's 3 g for a moderate dose cycle or 4 g for a pretty high dose cycle.

    Here are my options.
    3000mg/ 42days = 71,5mg ed
    4000mg/ 42days = 95mg ed

    Or I could start lower(to asses tolerance) and end a bit higher, like I sugested above. Thanx for the help.

  5. DR. D yes I am planning on having kids, thats why I'm asking. Your the second doctor to give me **** sbout this in 2 days. lol

    I'm trying my best to be careful here, I just need guidance. I'm big so the dosage is not that high.

  6. I would suggest that you go to the Cycles section of this board and do some browsing of some m1,4add cycles that have been posted. Learn by others successes, and their mistakes. I wouldn't suggest the stacking of methylated compounds. If you want to stack something, you may want to look into a 4OHT dermal.

    I'm sure you already know this, but I'll state it anyways. The success of your cycle will be primarily determined by your diet and training. Up your caloric intake, and make sure you're getting enough protein and good carbs. Also, make sure your PCT is ran properly, with your calories remaining high, and your training intensity lowered.

    Best of luck to you.


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