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i'd say they are about equal so far. im only running the boladrol at 4mg e/d though.

i should have an idea starting the end of week 2 and on how ruff the boladrol is.

so far though, i've only felt the need to run minimal support supplementation, which reminds me, i need to take my 4 caps of n2guard. (rec daily dosing is 7).

I do think im looking more bloated, but this is to be expected with my carb/creatine intake, as well as the converted form of boladiol (bolasterone) being able to convert into a potent estrogen.

no itch nipps or anything though. (have formastanz on hand if needed) im trying to go as long as possible without any estrogen control, to get a feel of how bad it could get.
damn so its pretty potent like they claim then?