Oral 1-test

  1. Oral 1-test

    Are there any other good oral forms of 1-T out there besides 1 AD. I don't care for transdermal 1-T too much. I seem to always get some in my eyes or on my forehead and it burns like hell. I like 1 AD but it is a little expensive.

  2. I've used VPX with good results (liposomal)...but still a little pricey..

    Hmm...let's see...

    Molecular 1-T Ethergels
    Biotest Mag 10 (4AD/1T mix)
    LMR Sports (liposomal)

    I'm sure if you go to BB.com and do a search in their store, you'll find all of those plus more....

    Also, I remember seeing universalkits.com having a homemade 1AD in a liposome....don't know about the company and don't know about the products either...I'm sure you could find out though...

  3. I was curious about this too as transdermals are a bit risky for me around my lady and all the kids I come in contact with at work. I thought I remembered Par or TK over at Avant saying that you could suspend bulk one test in an oil base and just take that in higher doses orally. I could be wrong but I am not sure that there is any real benifit of taking an ether or esterfied oral over simply taking the bulk stuff with oil. I am a little new to this stuff so please correct me if I am wrong.
    I would also be interested in any feedback from anyone who had cycled 1-T orally in bulk form (i.e. what dosages? results? length of cycle?)

  4. oral 1-test?

    well, yes, it's called (wait for it) 1-test. powder.

    buy it. bulk powder. suspend in oil, flax and.or olive work well


  5. I never knew that was an option. I thought the bioavailibility was too low. How do I suspend it in oil. Is it a matter of mix, heat and shake? What do dosages look like?

  6. the bioavailability is not particularly high, but considering how cheap it is, it's one of the best ways to go in regards to non-methylated oral 1-test.

    there is no magic to suspending it in oil. take a container of oil and dump the one test in. shake. instant suspension.

  7. If you want to use it oral, use a long ester like the cyp or dec. Dissole it in a little ethanol (like Everclear) and then dilute that with about 10 volumes oil.
    1ml alcohol
    1g 1-test
    10ml oil
    Take lecithin also to enhance absorbtion. I did something like this before and it worked at about 300+mg/day.

  8. 1-Test burns like crazy and using it as an oral is a poor choice as no one gets decent gains from 1-TU and similar products. (That I have noticed anyway.) Pat Arnold developed a product called "Burn Free Cyclo 1-Test" that can be used orally and may be effective.

  9. so what if it burns like crazy? so does M1-t powder.

    i got good gains from oral 1-test base, and anybody will assuming they use enough. it is cheap enough that one can use enough.

    cyclos are great for sublingual and intranasal. as to whether they are better for ORAL consumption i was not aware they were, but i could be wrong. a good portion of the cyclo is the hydroxypropylbetacyclodextrin, not the parent compound, so one would get less unit of 1-test per unit of cyclo, and it is more expensive.

    cyclo 1-test is only 10% 1-test (90% cyclo) AND again, it is designed to be taken sublngually, which means limited absorption (due to area saturation)

    at $2.50 a gram of cyclo, one is getting 1/10 a gram of 1-test for $2.50

    he asked about oral 1-test. imo, the best way to go is to buy the cheap bulk powder, suspend in oil and swallow.

    cyclo is not oral.

    and at under $4.00 a gram for base 1-test, one can take a 1.5 grams a day for about 5 bucks. i think good results (for a non-methyl) oral will be seen at 1.5 grams of 1-test

  10. My bad, the cyclo 1-Test product is indeed a product for sublingual delivery. My point, perhaps poorly stated, was that it does not make sense to ingest a product that burns, in my mind anyway (even if you like it) and there is an alternative that does not.

  11. but there is no alternative version of 1-test base that does not burn orally.

    yes, 1-test cyp does not burn. but one would not want to take 1-test cyp orally. because it's got the cypionate ester, it's got less parent compound per unit, and it's more expensive

    and the cyclo, as i said is much more expensive per unit of 1-test, and is not an oral (although it can be used thusly, that would be much more expensive)

    the point is that all compounds have +'s and -'s. a negative to 1-test base (and m-1-t for that matter) is that it burns a lot.

    of course, m-1-t tablets and capsules allow you to get around the burn sensation. but they also cost much more than the base powder. ditto 1-ad capsules

    ditto for 1-test that is in capsule or tablet form.

    iow, it's simply an aspect of the substnace that one accepts if one takes oral 1-test base. to paraphrase will brink, if you can't take the pain, take up golf

    one could suspend the 1-test base in oil, THEN place in caps, but that is a lot of work.

    imo, the best way to take oral 1-test base is this.

    suspend the powder in oil.

    partially fill mouth with grapefruit juice
    squirt the oil into mouth with oral syringe (ORAL SYRINGE- NO NEEDLES)

    this gives the added benefit of increased absorption due ot the grapefruit juice enzymes, AND puts the 1-test inside the gf juice in your mouth, thus decreasing the burn.

    but to put it simply, if the burn bothers you, don't take 1-test base

  12. Please reconsider just taking the cypionate in the manner that I suggested earlier. It's actaully much less expensive than massive doses of the base. It's about quality, not quantity. Sure you can take 1.5g 1-test base daily @ 5$/g or use .3 to .45g of the cyp dissolved in an oil/alcohol solution @ about 7$/g. That's a saving of several buck a day after X amount of days, that equals X amount of savings. Esters are good orally if dissolved in oil. I forgot the first time to mention, chew a couple of 500mg tums w/ it too to alkalinize the stomach because acid hydrolysis is how esters are destroyed orally. This is not speculation, I've actually don't something very similar to what I'm suggesting. Unless you guys just have money to waste.


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