How long does it take for letro to start doing its bit?

  1. How long does it take for letro to start doing its bit?

    I am on 1.25mg a day, already got sore joints the first dose, only been on for 6 days so far.

    It has made my nipples smaller than when they were puffed up from my gyno...i never knew Letro could possibly do that.

    The lump has shrunken a tiny bit but the nip size looks better thats for sure.

    How log does it take to get into your blood stream properly and start working (IF it does shrink my gyno that is lol) my gyno is only really 2 weeks fresh since i started my letro cycle and in that 2 weeks i dosed Nolva waiting on my letro to come, so its not like REALLY bad or very pre-existing etc

  2. I just read somehwere it takes up to 60 days?! my sex drive will be destroyed!!! LOL

  3. I'm on test and starting dosing letro, 2-3 days later it was already taking care of the puffy/sensitive nips.

    Are you running a full cycle of it? You do know about tapering off and bridging into nolva so you don't have rebound right?

  4. Yep I am doing a full cycle (well until it shrinks IF it does) and i am not "On" this is a Off cycle for rebound gyno...

    I will just be strict on my dosing keep it at 1.25mg then taper off to a quarter of a pill etc then i got Nolva for a couple of weeks

    I think its definitley reduced the puffyness of my nipple, the lump i am not sure yet, it has definitley gone down a tiny bit and it aint sore no longer AT ALL...

    I heard it can take up to 3-4 weeks to notice any change and oh i am not bumping my dose up to 2.5mg either....I find that to be uneccessary

    What are your thoughts? I think it depends wether your using it while on cycle or off with how long it takes to show improvement

  5. I used a dose of 1.25mg EOD, sensitivity was gone in one week and the lumps were totally gone in three. Ran the 1.25 for four weeks and I am now tapering down and plan on running low dose through PCT. It really killed the sex drive after a couple of weeks, I could still rise to the occasion as long as my wife initiated it, otherwise I didn't even think about it. My sex drive Started to return at .3mg EOD.

  6. So no one thinks i should go up to 2.5mg a day?

    My lump has nearly already gone! 1.5weeks!

  7. i would keep going at that dose and see if it goes away, it takes a few weeks for your blood levels to stablize

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dsbhaver View Post
    So no one thinks i should go up to 2.5mg a day?

    My lump has nearly already gone! 1.5weeks!
    Don't. Unless you want creaky joints and a limp ****, don't do that. Just wait your time. Things in this world don't work instantly.


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