Tes Change?

  1. Tes Change?

    Im running a 12 week cycle
    12 week tes C
    25 days D Bol

    I have enough for week 5 but I'm really not feeling any results from the gear I have. Im not going to reference the site Im looking at but I have a few questions.

    Doing some research I was told to maybe switch to tes E instead.

    What's your thoughts on this?

  2. How much are you running of the Test?

  3. 2CC's Per Week
    Test C

    I heard that isnt much, correct?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jman2010 View Post
    2CC's Per Week
    Test C

    I heard that isnt much, correct?
    Ugggggg you need to learn about steroids before running a cycle. Search for unreals guide to injectables.

    Switching from test c to e will make no differace. They are basicly exactly the same. How long have you been injecting the test for? Test c/e can take 3-4 before it really isnable to make some noticeable effects.
    2cc is not a dose but a volume and meaningless without knowing the strength of the vial. If it's 250mg/ml than your in an okay spot. If it's 200mg/ml your a little bit low.

    If you don't start noticing anything by week 4 than you prob have bunk or underdosed gear. If you got it from the same supplier as your d bol that may give you some insigh as dbol should start making that scale go up in a week or so.

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