1. finasteride/superdrol

    i been on fina for about a month now, started at 1mg first week and went to 2mg. i just started my mdrol cycle last monday and been noticing some shedding. should i increase the fina to 3mg? or just wait it out and see what happens. it liquid fina btw. also before i started mdrol, i noticed my nipples itching 2 weeks ago but no pain or lumps, could it be all in my head is that a side effect of fina?

    mdrol cycle

  2. Finasteride wont counter any shedding caused by superdrol. Finasteride prevents steroids with a C4-5 double bond (like testosterone) from being 5a-reduced (to DHT or DHT-based steroids) by competitively inhibiting the enzyme responsible (5AR). Superdrol is already 5a-reduced (DHT-based) so it wont affect it.

  3. it all could be in your head, but lack of 5a reduction of test could cause an increase in estrogenic sides, d/t the lack of dht.

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