5-Deca-Zol News Story

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    5-Deca-Zol News Story

    So, I hadn't heard about this stuff til about a month or so back when someone was asking for PCT help regarding this particular product because someone pushed it on him at a local supplement shop (telling him it wasn't hormonal).

    Anyway, I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight and she brought it up. I was a bit baffled and asked her to repeat herself, because I knew that sounded familiar. Turns out there was a story on it on one of their local news stations back in central Illinois, near Iowa.

    Synthetic steroids plump-up muscles but come with health risks - WQAD

    Hearing the salesperson say "yeah, it's safe" without any further information is a bit irritating. It's just as irritating, though, to hear the doctor bring up all the potential sides (that could come from numerous compounds and not just all DS's).

    Anyway, it's interesting to watch at the very least.

    *Also, I'll point out right now that I loathe the way most news stories/reports are done. My bachelor's is in broadcasting, so I've worked in both radio and television news and some of the things just get on my nerves (perfect example being the reporter hovering over a glass table with the camera underneath while pouring pills out onto it).
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  2. yeah i hear that come across the radio all the time!

    they got those complete nutritions all around now

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