Quick question...Since I really dont feel like starting an entire new thread. I just started the exact same run as the OP (sorry dont mean to threadjack) would it be alright to sub cel xtren instead of Sd??....I would only be running 90/90/90 for the first three weeks. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    weeks 1-12 test e 500mg wed/sun
    weeks 1-3 cel xtren 90mgs
    then nolva 3 days after my last inject 40/40/20

    Stats: 25 years old. 170 pounds. Have a few ph cycles under my belt. hdrol, xtren.
    any feedback would be great. Cheers!

    Btw, this is my first "run" of real gear. Wondering if I should just stick with test e only.

  2. ok this is pretty messed up.

    xtren should be ran at least 6 weeks

    pct wouldn't start till 2 weeks after your last inject.

    and you need a WAY better pct than 3 weeks of nolva

    Something like
    Forma Stanzol
    Post cycle/unleashed combo

  3. Barbell-Thanks for the advice. What is your input about running xtren for 1-6, with the test for weeks 1-12. I dont want complete shutdown, which is more than likely. From past tren cycles Ive had very few sides. Sorry for the miscommunication. So what do you guys think?!

  4. Like barbell beast said. I mean you don't HAVE to run the tren for 6 weeks but 4 very minimum cuz that's how long it'll take the test to get going. 6 would be better. And 2 weeks after last inject before you start PCT and do a bigger PCT.
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  5. Thanks again...Yeah Ive been debating about throwing the tren in just because its been sitting here unopened staring at me for how long now. Just trying to justify if the gains will out weigh the sides if I stack it in the mix. Once again I appreciate all feedback!!
    What would your ideal PCT be if you where to run this as mine seems to be alittle on the weak side....??



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