epi/phera bridge

  1. epi/phera bridge

    I'd really love to try and epi/phera bridge. I'm lookin for a different phera besides p-plex. Any suggestions on products not sources

  2. Buddy used Phera-Vol good results.

    Also heard good things about Methyl-plex xt.

    I think you would really be interest in Monsterdrol-xt too. Phera's cousin but stronger and still legal pretty new to hit the market.

  3. Yea, I've been following that thread. Just unsure with it being so new how the majority of folks are responding to it. Haven't actually checked out those logs yet, will be doin that later. Thanks for the reply.

  4. P-Plex has always worked for me and I can only remember one person giving it negative feedback compared to other phera clones, considering the amount of feedback that I've read it's a pretty good track record.

    Phera is probably getting harder to find now... Using Monsterdrol instead sounds like a good alternative. We have yet to hear back from the logs but i'm expecting good things
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