maintaining your gains

  1. maintaining your gains

    Which pro-steriod would most likly give you long term gain. Wouldn't the sycle need to be a least 5-to six weeks to get the mazimium gains?

  2. The proportion of the gains you keep will vary on many things, first i guess would be genetics, how well you carry out PCT, diet, training, stress etc post cycle.

    Without meaning to offend your question indicates your relativly new the field? Perhaps if you post your stats, bodywieght, training experience etc together with what your looking to achieve you may get more replies.

    Good luck.

  3. I believe how you prepare yourself to handle PCT, diet, and training the first 4-8 wks after cycle will help tremendously in keeping gains.

  4. My last cycle was 1-test,4ad,and m5aa.I gained 10 pounds and only lost 1 post cycle.I just ate like a horse and had a very light workout schedule for three weeks.I would have gained more but due to extreme circumstances I had to cut my cycle off at a little over 3 weeks when I was goind to run it for six.Maybe thats why I kept all of my gains because I was not completely shut down after a short cycle.

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