Anavar Help

  1. Anavar Help

    Hey guys,

    First post here also very new to this whole idea of anabolic. So im doing my research. I have recently just heard of Anavar which i am interested in taking i am 6'1'' ish and around 195 i look bigger then i weigh. I am going to be switching up my lifting routine to tailor to this new cycle i just need to know what to use with anavar my body gains weight easily for some reason.

    I want to know like what kind of milligrams should i start off with 30? then increase to 45 im trying to gain around 20 pounds of muscle before the summer and its only october so even if i was to gain 8-10 before christmas and then another 8 before summer id be happy.

    In terms of Anavar let me know what you think i should do for that. And also what should i take for when i cycle off of it at the end because ive heard that when you come off you can loose most of your gains and also ive heard you can get crazy estrogen in your body and puffy nipples as a result please let me know what i can do to avoid this kind of side effects. I have a mediocre diet for now... because i live at college but i am going to be living home starting next semester so the diet will tighten up and become lean again.

    Thank you guys in advance

  2. everyone might have different results but most people will tell you anything less than 40-50 mg / day is a waste of money...especially if you want to add 20 pounds of muscle..other compounds out there if you want 20 pounds of muscle...even better...stack test and var!

    as far as keeping your gains you need to do some more research on PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

  3. ur not going to add anything with under 50mgs of anavar, let alone 20lbs of muscle with anavar anyways. stack test e and anavar and eat eat eat, theres your 20lbs.

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