please help with this question?

  1. please help with this question?

    Ok i only have one question about steroids that i need and want to know.

    1. When a younger person from ages 18-23 takes steroids, they can still gain naturally just as good when they stay off of them for a while, right?. basically if you have a good pct then everything should go back to normal on you right. so why would you be cheating yourself out of potential natural growth when your passing it up with steroids anyways. I am asking this question because i am wanting to be in a bodybuilding contest in a year and i want to be up to par with the other aas users in there. but i am going to work like a freaking mad man to make sure nobody gets close to beating me. if you have seen my pics in the pic forum you can tell that i have a good base, yea i know my legs need work, but like i said, ive got a year to prepare for that. what are your suggestions? thanks.

  2. Bad idea. It will stunt your growth and potentially ruin your testosterone production for the rest of your life. Is that worth it? Wait a couple years.

    P.S. Search and you can find a lot of other reasons not to do steroids yet.

  3. well, not necessarily just as good. You can still gain and all that after roids but I don't think that it is quite the same after. Your body remembers things like that (just like it remembers every twinkie, choclette bar, ice cream cone you every ate ). So to say that you gain the same isn't really true.

    Also even at 18 to 21 your still maturing so it is posible to **** yourself up on things like shoulder width, mucsle devolopment and other things other then hight.

    Your 18 bro, you have all the time in the world ahead of you. Believe me, you will get there sooner then you want and there is not need to rush it. If I had it to do over agin I would have been far less serous and enjoyed it more.

  4. Skye is right. Your 18 right? I know it's not what you want to hear and more the likly you will go and do it despite our advice. But I think it will screw you up, in the long run. I am not an expert so I don't know how much damage can be done, but i do have a short anecdote. When I was in HS about 16yrs ago, there was a kid I saw around the HS weightroom who was gorilla-like strong. HE was short and really thick and he maxed every machine they had in the weightroom. I asked around about him and people keep telling me he was on gear and if you wanted some he could get it. So I struck a semi-friendship with him and he offerd, and I said yes. Why did i say yes? I was 17-18 and wanted to start on my HS football team more then anything. I would dream about it. Anyway he brought me a bottle of Anadrol-50 and some Test-cyp. I was so excited to try something that could change you like this stuff was supposed too. And I was all set to use it until I saw his parents. His mom was like 5'7 and his dad was 6'2 or so. And how tall was this guy? About 5'6. He was shorter then me, and I am 5'8-5'9. When I saw this I turned around and sold it to this older guy at the commercial gym were i worked out. After that I began doing it naturaly. And after 8 months of training I weighed 220lbs and could military press 135lbs dumbbells for 5-6. And I have never tried them again. Will I in the future? I don't know. I am about to start a PH cycle for the first time. And I am almost 33yrs and have spent about a year reading everything I can and asking questions.

    So really it is up to you but I think most people advice would be just to train right (an IA based routine) and a solid diet-high protein and fats with moderate carbs. You have a year and instead of blowing your money on gear and PH's why not hire IA or Bobo for the year. They could put 30-40 lbs on you (if not more) in a year. Not exotic and sexy as gear but at you age it will get the job done.

  5. thanks guys i appreciate the advice. i will have to talk to bobo and see what i can set up with him. hopefully he can help me out. Ill talk to him. thanks for the info everyone.



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