Can PH's expire?

  1. Can PH's expire?

    For example, I have a few bottles of H-drol I purchased over a year ago and never touched... Also from my understanding CEL has quit producing PH's yet they can still be found for purchase on various websites.

    Is there any danger in taking PH's that may be over a year old, or do they expire at all?

  2. good questiion i would like to know myself..I'd like to get a few bottles just to have

  3. Uhh yeah they'll expire.

    As long as they're in a cool dry place and fully sealed they should be good for an additional 2 years after the Exp Date on the bottle

  4. I answered this once before. I have a close friend who is a drug rep for a major pharm. Company. The USFDA established a two year expiration date and the supplement industry followed along. The UK made it five. The truth is that absent extreme heat or humidity oral meds should last for years and even past ten given perfect conditions.

  5. I've taken M1t before that was 8 years old and was just as strong as I remembered it. keep it cool and dry and they'll last forever

  6. Every compound is different, so degradation is hard to predict for each one. The two year is a safe number, but many different compounds will go far beyond that.

    For example, over time, something like Epi may break down relatively quickly into DMT.

    I personally take the expiration dates with a grain of salt. If it isn't produced from something like a fungi, I have no problem with taking it and looking for the effects.
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  7. Ok good.. Was just looking for say a year or or year n a 2 years is the number to go by...not bad


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