Steroid expiration date?

  1. Steroid expiration date?

    I have a really good line on some test cyp that I don't want to pass up. However, the way my life is going right now, I wont have the time to dedicate to a cycle for a while. The test is from Upjohn Labs, and has an expiration date of August 2004 on it. Should I heed the date? If I used the stuff in, say, Feb 05 would that be a problem?


  2. Usually, the expiration date in pharmaceuticals is extremely conservative. I would not worry about it, unless it’s over a year or even over two years past the exp. date.

    My father is a doctor and a pharmaceutical company owner (too bad not in the US, cause I would be a millionaire than :-) ), he would often use expired drugs, he said that they loose very little of its efficacy.


  3. Thanks for the info, fdnk!

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