1. Havoc

    Without listing any sources, I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased any of the last batches of RPN Havoc that doesn't have any batch #'s or exp. date on them. I want to buy more but am a little sceptical.

  2. Just buy epistane. It's the exact same thing and you'll know you're not getting an outdated batch.

  3. i bought 2 bottles from obit a month ago and currently on bottle #2 and its good to go, even got a few comments as to me packing on some size and i give the i dont know im lifting harder line. You should be fine...

  4. I know were you are talking about I am on my second week on a bottle from them and It is real. I was skeptical at first also so I bought a bottle from the same place mention above selling them real cheap right now and are for sure legit compared them and they are the same in every way.

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