oklahomakats supervol(drol) log-newbie

  1. oklahomakats supervol(drol) log-newbie

    Well after lotsa thought and question asking I am going to do my first educated cycle. I took Anabolic Xtreme Supervol about two years ago that I bought at the mall. Had no frickin idea that it was a designer steroid. Got explosive mass gains and strength. Took every pill in the bottle as directed and did NO PCT! NO SUPPORTS....nada. I got huge alright and about 3 weeks after stopping the cycle I starting passing out, got sicker than crap, and felt AWFUL for almost 3 months. Never had a clue what was up, but my liver and other parts of my bloodwork were really screwed up. It wasn't til almost a year later I figured out that it was the supervol and that what I had done was steroids.

    So here I am two years later, much more educated on what I'm taking, and hopefully more prepared. I am going to be taking Supervol by CTD labs. For those of you who are new, that would be a Superdrol clone. It's potent stuff so have your support supplements going good before you start. Trust me you don't wanna do this half assed. I literally thought I was gonna die.

    Ok enough story time...heres the plan.

    I am going to go do a week of cycle support by Anabolic Innovations before starting my cycle. I'm also doing a creatine/protein for supplements. LiverPRO throughout it all.

    Once I get the week of supports in I will being the cycle...continuing the supports during the cycle.

    I'm gonna go 20/20/20/maybe a 4th week at 20. Some say you lose your gains after 3 weeks.....I'm still in the air on this.

    Now I could use a little help on my PCT as far as timing and when to start it.
    I will be using clomid. I'm gonna run it at 50/50/50/50 or possibly 50/50/50/25. My question on this is when to begin the PCT....a week before I stop the SD or as soon as I stop it?

    Also going to use Nutra Planets DAA in my PCT.

    If ya have any suggestions, feel free to throw them in. I think I got a good grasp on what to do, but I am always open to help.

    Anyways we begin the supports tomorrow.

    Wish me luck!!!

  2. Start your clomid the day after your last dose of SD.. I'm here see you succeed this time brah!

  3. Gonna be putting this on hold for another week or two. Got a few weeks off from work and am not around the gym and I wanna hit it hard. So I will pre load my supports once I get back to PA, and begin the cycle a week after. Stay tuned!

  4. sub'd... hope it goes well!

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