Need Blast and cruise help! What to do with what I have?!?!?!

  1. Need Blast and cruise help! What to do with what I have?!?!?!

    Can someone explain “Blast and Cruise” and/or maybe suggest a cycle based on what I have on hand.

    I’m on TRT and get a standard vial of testosterone cypionate about every 20-30 days on my script.( I currently inject 100mg every five days). I also have 3 left over boxes (90 days worth) of Testim (which I no longer use). I have an ample supply of OTC Superdrone, Tren X and RPN Havoc on hand.

    What to do with it all to maximize a winter cycle??? Thanks in advance!!!!

  2. Anyone????? Blast? Cruise? Stack? All of the above!?!?!??!

  3. just keep running ur TRT and bridge superdrone and xtren

  4. I would stack SD and Tren, while using all of the testim (3x the amount, so 30 days worth.)

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