Iron Labs Tren E/Mdrol Stack

  1. Iron Labs Tren E/Mdrol Stack

    Hey fella's, this is my first post on this site, though I have been a big fan for the last couple years. It has been helpful in finding quality information and resources. I'm 25 yrs old, and Have been in the gym since 8th grade. Ran my first PH cycle at 23 and have ran 2 more since then. I have experience with ACL tren X... ACL's MMA-3...CEL's Mdrol and Hdrol.. I respond very well to all of the PH's I have used (with appropriate diet) and feel I have seen the biggest gains off of tren and mdrol.
    I can no longer find ACL tren X, however I have found a company called Iron Labs that produces Tren-E which is listed as having the exact same compounds as ACL tren. Though I doubt it to be as potent, I'm still willing to give it a try so I ordered 2 bottles and will be running it by itself for at least 2 weeks, to see what I think, before bringing mdrol in.
    I have nolva on hand, but have never used it for a tren pct. I hear that your not suppose to use nolva with anything tren because of progestins. Personally I feel like this is bs, but would like to get any feed back on what you guys think?

    Anyway I still have a few weeks before starting the cycle but as of right now I'm planning on dosing as follows.....

    Tren E - 90/90/90/60/60/60
    Mdrol -00/00/10/20/20/20

    or possibly bridging tren into mdrol

    Tren E - 90/90/90/90/60/60/
    Mdrol - 00/00/00/00/10/20/20/20

    CEL - cycle assists will be started with tren and carried mid way thro PCT due to mdrol

    PCT - nolva 40/20/20/10 + CEL cycle assist... also thinking about bringing in LG's natadrol into PCT as it has been the best naty booster I've ever used.
    will most likely be dosing small amounts of HCG on cycle... I have never dosed HCG before, but am willing to give it a try to keep gf happy.

    I'm hoping to hear some feedback on what you guys think about the cycle especially if you have any experience with stacking the 2. Also any thoughts on the PCT, whether it be positive or negative.....

  2. you ever run this?

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