1. 4oht

    I have 20 grams of 4oht and I am thinking about getting another 5-10 grams to use in my 1-t/4-ad. Now my Q. is this: should I wait for Sledge's M4oht or do you think reg. 4oht is worthwhile. When I first heard about 4oht it was on Animals board and they were raving about it. So I think that it would be a great little compound, but on 1fast400's board someone mentioned putting 3 grams in s1+ and a few people said it wouldn't be worth it. What do you all think?

  2. The 4-OH-T would be better to use w/ test or an oral anabolic that aromatizes I would think. You could use it in your 1t/4ad stack if the 4ad is high enough to cause probs I guess. I know that the 4-OH-MT ratio is about 4:0.25 relative to MT, so I sure am waiting for Sldg's Also, no liver function test abnormalities at doses up to 40mg/d.

  3. Personally, I love 4OHT. I run it at 2.5 grams in my dermals. One cycle I ran it with 5 grams of 4AD with M1T, and my current cycle with 1-test/4AD and M1T. I find that it makes for a much smoother cycle, and I don't believe much is needed. Longdog, I believe, also runs it with his dermals and has given positive feedback.

    I think the M4OHT will be a good stack. If you can wait a week or so, you may want to get it and try it for your next cycle. Other than that, I believe the regular 4OHT is worthwhile.

  4. I had old bottle of s1+ from Avant labs. I added 3g of 4oht in it. I liked it a lot, from now on I gonna run 4oht on every cycle.

  5. Thanks for the advice. I think i may by just a bit more 4oht and then some M4oht. How different are the two?

  6. I love small amounts of OHT in transdermals. I am currently running 7g 1-test/ 2g OHT in BSL's carrier along with M4OHN. I don't think OHT would do much at all if run alone, it's more for minimizing sides of the other compounds. It's a great stacking addition though.

    Nobody has tried M4OHT yet, it should be available soon.

  7. Agreed with all posts above--after my first transdermal run of 4OHT in a stack, I haven't looked back. The stuff is excellent for minimizing sides and making a cycle a lot smoother. A couple grams added to a transdermal S1+ or 1-Test, and your good to go.

  8. Can I ask a stupid question...what is 4 oht, what AAs does it resemble...I have never seen a profile, but hear alot about it.


  9. It actually was an AAS. It's a mild androgen that was originally a prescription drug. It has some anti-estrogren properties, too. The hyroxylation (OH) makes it less harsh, in laymens terms. It's also has a low androgenic profile.

  10. 4-hydroxy testosterone (4oht)


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