Ultimate PGF2 Guide

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  1. pgf is what im lookin for i want bumps on my calves... lol

  2. Can anyone tell me if PGF can be used transdermally with BDC Nutrition's T-Gel lotion?

  3. I'm going to attempt a similar experiment in the near future. it certainly is a good candidate, but you'd get better results using a local topical formula. Check the homebrew forums for instructions. Cheap and effective, and because its localized you get a much more concentrated effect.

    Its still going to hurt though. PGF2 is an inflammatory factor. When its injected, its not the injection that hurts, its the PGF2. Although the pain should be substantially less.

  4. cant you just do a localized subQ?

  5. Well, most bodybuilders start on PGF2 full of courage, only to quite after the first injection. So if you want to inject it, give it a shot, but I don't give it more than a week before you change your mind

  6. reaeally... so you think that transdermal is better for pgf2? hmmm...

  7. Definitely. Although cost is slightly higher, results should be even better.

  8. anyof you know a good transdermal formula for pgf2?

  9. For localized fat loss ?

    Dissolve the PGF2 by adding benzyl alcohol until completely dissolved, then add a 50/50 mixture of acetone and isopropanol until you get a total volume that gives you the mg/ml ratio you want.

    Then apply as many ml as you deem necessary to the target area.

  10. When apoptosis of the adipocyte is triggered, the fat goes into the bloodstream, just like with lipoderm, right?

  11. This is quite a grave dig here, but I am really interested in hearing more about Pgf2. So if anyone could throw in there experiences with with the substance that would be great.Thanks


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