What are some reliable brands for M1T and MOHN

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    What are some reliable brands for M1T and MOHN

    I've used legal gear and have no problem with them, but I particularly don't like the low 2mg of MOHN. What other companies produce these supps that you guys think are reputable.


    Also what dose is everyone using for the MOHN. I use 20-30mg of M1T and have been using 16mg of MOHN when im cycling. Im sitting at 5'9" and around 215.

  2. Designer Supplements for MOHN

    Higher Power for M1T

  3. Designer has Both, Custom has M1T. HM Gear also has MOHN at 5mg per cap called Oxanavar. Links for all below.

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  4. I've used IDS M1T(20mged) and M5aa(30mg ed, morning, and 2 before workout)...thumbs up...IMO, I really liked the M5aa.I curently have both DS, and HM Mohn...just started at 8gm ed for 4 weeks,with 10mg M1T for the first 2 weeks.I am going to bump the Mohn up to 16 after the M1t..

  5. The board sponsor, http://www.physicalenhancement.com/, has got them all.



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