Can anyone tell mee....

  1. Question Can anyone tell mee....

    Whats the science behind the widespread no answer to any 17-19 year old male wanting to take a PH. I have a friend whose brother came to me about it. To be honest, I don't want to just say no cause I hear its not safe.(i Want to know why its not safe) I want to know the reasons behind it all for knowledge purposes.

    The kids a football player who is just a tad underdeveloped, not because diet or lack of excersize; But because, there are 17+ kids on the football team who Take PH's, do it sloppily and get to be the starters and the lady killers. I call bull****.

    What should he do? I got his diet in order for him and provided him lots of workout knowledge, If he did it Just right with a mild ph like what im going to take, and cover all prevenative bases, What will be the consequences?

    BTW, Dont flame me, i will not encouraging him to take PH's in any way, i would just like to educate the hell out of him. That should be the most powerful means of prevention in the first place.

  2. Damaging the endorcine/skeletal system while it's still developing is a bad idea. You can prematurely fuse growth plates and jack with an already delicate endocrine system. God only knows what it may do to the brain and neurotransmitters. Honestly, there's no way to know the full hormonal cascade that may happen because the research isn't there and it probably never will be.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Thank you, I trust what you said to be about 100% correct. Rough estimate tho. MY brother has had 4 cycles, 1st when he was 18, and he's ironically on the phone with an endocrinologist at the moment. Hes getting his result's back for his bloodwork...... LOOOL.

    If anyone would like to add more knowledge, Feel free to add as much as you can stand tryping. links would be cool too.

    Other than that id say my question is answered

  4. Is good you want to learn and hopefully not lead you to try it until u like 25 at that...knowledge is power no matter the subject...
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