High dose Anavar cycle . . Weight loss post?

  1. High dose Anavar cycle . . Weight loss post?

    I'm nearing the end of a very high dose Var cycle, It went like this. (Doses were taken daily)

    Weeks 1-3: 75mg
    Weeks 4-6: 100mg
    Week 7 days 1-4: 75mg
    Week 7 days 5-7: 50mg (this is as far as I've gotten)
    Week 8 days 1-3: 50mg
    Week 8 days 4-7: 25mg
    Weeks 9-11: 20mg Tamoxifen E.d

    In my FIRST Var cycle LAST YEAR I did not taper the dose off like this. I just stopped use & began Tamoxifen. I lost 7lbs the first week. (Mostly fat and water, I got really ripped post cycle. Some people were surprised to hear this)

    NOW FOR THIS YEARS CYCLE . . Does anyone have insight as to how much I may lose dosing down like this, rather than cutting off the Var cold turkey? I am already much leaner and ripped than I ever was my first cycle. So if I get a similar result I will be quite pleased.

    Again ANY insight as to what I can expect as far as weight loss would be greatly appreciated thanks !!!

  2. keep it at a constant dosing. 75-100mgs. this time, i'd add test prop with it... its my favorite stack.

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