Hey guys, whats up?

Soon ill be running my first ph cycle, a pulse of Epi. Im looking at going for 6 weeks, maybe 8 if i choose to taper down over the last 2-3.

Ill be running it fairly mild, sticking to 30mg M/W/F, and possibly upping it to 40mg after week 4 for 1-2 weeks. If all goes to plan, after week 6 ill drop to 20, then 10mg for week 8 (any advice on this idea would be welcome).

Im going strictly otc with supps as in Australia its much harder to source products, and am a little stuck on what to go for. Id much rather go over the top, than not get enough for a first cycle.

Im ordering TRS from Primordial Performance, but was also looking into getting AIs Post Cycle Support too for after the cycle. Would these compliment eachother, or are they the same thing? Is one better than the other?

On cycle ill be running a natty test booster on off days, and some support supps. AIs cycle support looks fairly good. Is this enough for on cycle support, or is it easier to just go to a health food store and get what i need?

Ive read getting an otc AI like ALRs Restore or Jungle Warfare to control any bounce back issues. These seem similar to AIs PCS, so pointless in getting them?

I know its a long read, but ive read so much on this stuff, and some information is fairly conflicting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.