question on test vial

  1. question on test vial

    ran a couple oral cycles and ready for first test e run..did all my homework and am ready to go but my question has more to do with sterility concern and this is why...

    my source is good people..and i know for fact its a quality product..when i went to get my vials from him i was a lil nervous about doing everything right and he could tell so he wanted to show me the process...he pops off the cap from a vial, opens a brand new needle...shows me how to draw and take out the bubbles, aspirate, etc, and then squirts the cc back into the vial...

    after goin home and replaying this in my head i realized #1 his hands were not freshly washed/sanitized...# 2 he did not wipe down the rubber top of the vial before sticking the needle thru...i let him know i was bothered and he assured me that his hands were clean but even still he did not make contact with the rubber top or the pin..and the pin went straight out of the package and into the rubber...and then he says he never swabs the rubber and this one was brand new so im fine...guy is a vet and ran several cycles but is it crazy not to swab the rubber? he says just keep it in the box it stays clean and the important part is to clean your inj. site....

    so the pin never touched nothin but my paranoid OCD has me thinkin if there was any germ on the rubber top..would stickin the needle thru it without wiping it down first push any potential germs into the vial of test and therefore make my vial no longer sterile? 2 sticks..once to pull out the cc, once to put the cc back in....

    sorry for the lengthy details but i do appreciate any advice or help...

  2. Anything is possible. To not wipe down a vial is stupid, you can't be dumb in this game.

    It may have germs in it, it may not. Theres no way to tell before hand.

  3. i agree to not wipe down is stupid...and more than likely (i talked with a few ppl who agree on this idea) the BA would eliminate any minor contamination....swabbing the rubber before the pin goes in is more so to make sure the pin remains sterile before you inject yourself (not so much to keep the vial sterile - as the BA should handle any minor germs and major contamination would be due to bad gear / poor manufacturing where your screwed no matter how sanitary you are)

  4. then again you should be changing pins one to draw and one to inject maybe my theory there is bs lol

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