What oral to stack with oral winny?

  1. What oral to stack with oral winny?

    Epistrong or Tren?
    I've got enough of both to do 4 weeks of 30mg a day for epi or 100mg of tren.
    No test base, (live with parents).
    Winny cycle will be 6 weeks at 50-75, taper up taper down. Start the stacked oral at beginning or on 3rd week? thanks.

  2. Winny will lean you up but not put on much muscle. Tren might be better than epistrong but harder on the liver. Both are methyls. Any other options?

  3. you should really run a test base. winnie (just like any steroid) has the possibility to cause shutdown. the gains will also be easier kept if you run a test. also, what is ur bf%? if ur above 12% the general concensus is that you will not see very much results unless ur below that.

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