Phera-Plex/Tren combo

  1. Phera-Plex/Tren combo

    Ok, my buddy had a bottle of Nutracostal (Fast Action Pharma) MD1T and he started taking it, he didn't like the sides so he sold me the rest of the bottle.

    Basically, it's 10mg of Phera-Plex and 25mg of Tren per capsule.

    I drew it out and I have enough to do:

    Week 1: 10mg/25mg
    Week 2: 10mg/25mg
    Week 3: 20mg/50mg
    Week 4: 20mg/50mg

    I've never heard of anyone running Phera and Tren at a low dosage like that, so my questions are: Will it do me any good to run it that low for the first 2 weeks (will I feel anything?) or should I go 3 weeks at 20~30mg/50~75mg?


  2. Most peole run phera up to 40mg and tren up to 90-120. Haven't heard of much benefit beyond that.

  3. Neither are very good cycles.

    You'd want 20/20/30/30 for the Phera... maybe even a fifth week, and 90 across the board for tren, most people go 6 weeks.

    Don't really know what to tell you, you're either going to have to buy the hormones at ridiculously high prices, or buy them overseas.

    It's gonna be a pretty harsh cycle on your organs, so make sure to have a good PCT and cycle support for the entire cycle.
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  4. yeah the doses would be pointless to run.

    should've never bought it

  5. ****, ok thanks guys!



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