Need help with D aspartic acid/ DAA and Novedex XT please!!

  1. Need help with D aspartic acid/ DAA and Novedex XT please!!

    Im looking for advice on running a cycle of Gaspari Novedex XT with D-aspartic acid. This isn't a true PCT since I'm on HRT and take testosterone injections every week. Thereforevim not trying to jumpstart my balls.. However, after running a SD cycle I developed a slight Gyno lump under my right nipple. I believe it's progestin induced.

    So, do you think running the Novedex XT and D-aspartic acid will help me keep my gains and address the gyno at the same time? Your opinions.....

  2. No, that really makes no sense. There is no issue with maintaining gains since you are on TRT and never were suppressed. the gyno issue is totally separate though, and some odds of using DAA making it worse.

  3. Will do nothing for the gyno, will help boost your t levels and keep estrogen in check though. I've used sustain alpha and tcf-1, really helped with recovery and libido. I've heard some guys using transdermal formestane have seen results. Otherwise letro or novladex.

  4. I dont know about it helping with gyno but TCF-1 3wks on 1 wk off along with the nolvadex xt.
    but I think sustain aplha with the TCF-1 also would eb better.

  5. novadex xt is worst ai you could buy..



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