Trying to figure out my cycle

  1. Trying to figure out my cycle

    Thinking of running tren and sustaplex. I ran a cycle with sustaplex and stanoplex and liked the results but want to try something new and the place where i shop is out of stanoplex. Any info or suggestons would be appriciated.

  2. I'm just looking for a little help folks. I was thinking 500mg/wk on the tren E and 1000mg/wk on the test.

  3. Well I hope your going to run hcg with that cycle cuz the shutdown from tren is no joke. Use
    Clomid for pct and in case you get a gyno related issue and you need to stop the cycle short

    Have yout thought about EQ or deca?

  4. I havent thought of those. can you tell me anything about them or where to research them?

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