1. Chlorodrol-50

    I am beginning a Chlorodrol-50 stack and would like to document my progress as I have researched and there is not alot about this. This is my first PH stack and intend to follow it with Aromadrol-15 for PCT.
    Starting weight: 154 - 11% BF
    Supplements -
    Chlorodrol-50 1 x day
    ON Whey 2-3 shakes a day two servings (50G Protein)
    Mega Men Extreme Athlete Multi 2 x day
    Leukic - 6 x day (It was a free bottle so why not? )
    Lipo 6 2 - 3 x day

    Benching around 180, curling around 110, squats (Just starting legs so working into them still, around 200) Rough estimates. The only thing I have measured so far is my arms at 14 inches. More to follow on measurements.
    Workouts are 5-6 days a week with cardio once a week or two:

    Any advice would be appreciated. My diet is solid and I eat every two - three hours. Been working out for a few months without supplements and began introducing the basics about a month or two ago and just started the PH cycle. Haven't gained any size prior to this, but strength and density have improved. This is day two of the PH cycle.

  2. Dude you should not even be thinking about ph/ps right now. You have so much room to gain natty first.

    I would stop taking the cho-50 today. How many cals you ewating a day I say at 153lbs there is no way your eating enough. How old are you ?

  3. I'm 26 yrs old. I tend to gain fat rather easily and just came down from 170 to 154 in the past few months. I am the "skinny" fat guy if I dont diet properly, but it is much better at this point than it was months ago before I started working out and eating better. You can only eat so much of the right stuff before it becomes overload. Trust me I am eating. I haven't ventured into measuring yet, most of my food comes from the chow hall here in Afghanistan so accurate servings and nutrition information would be difficult to calculate.

  4. I am new to BB forums and I will be adding more information for other viewers to gage from as the days progress: diet, exercises, etc. etc. I hope to have some pics up soon as well. So work with me on the impartial profile for the moment.
    Workout 1 (happened to be back) was great. Lifting heavier on most all exercises.
    (Wide grip chins, barbell bent over rows, dumbbell rows, wide grip lat pulldowns, behind the neck pulldowns, close grip pulldowns, and a few others)
    I seemed to have slept deeper last night, but will see how the next few nights go.My appetite seems to be much more aggressive. Not sure if these are "placebo" effects or not. Will moniter them more closely. Other than that not much noticable yet for side affects.

  5. Day 3
    Maxxed out at 195, nice for my progress. Felt awesome again. Good pump and lifting heavier weights. Back is nice and sore from yesterday and sleep was more solid again. I am pushing extra hard for max results, but lifting much more than last week so its definantly more than will alone.

  6. Day 4 - Leg Day
    Squat 155 x 10, 175 x 8, 200 x 4 again good progress (for me)for beginning leg workouts. Chest is pumped from yesterday also very sore, back feels much better I would say a 85% recovery. Other leg exercises included: leg press with calf raises at the end of each set, leg extensions, leg curls, reverse lunges, and standing weighted calf raises. This is probably going to hurt like hell tomorrow, but felt great in the gym. Will be adding Casein and Creatine this weekend to the supplement area.

  7. yo im thinking of taking chlorodrol 50 . would you recommend it also what company did you get it from. and what kind of results did u get before/after?


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