New to anabolic steroids/minds

  1. New to anabolic steroids/minds

    Hello Everyone, I first want to introduce myself. Im 20, 5'9 170lbs. I work and go to school full time. So working out is the only leisure time i have to myself really. I didn't want to come across as a prick that wants to get big quick regardless of the results. I want maximum results with minimum side effects, so thats why i've decided to read a bit before i do something stupid.

    So ive been working out and eating right (seriously) for about 1.5 years. In these 1.5 years ive gained about 30lbs. But for the last 6-7 months ive really been at a plateau. Ive maintained at 170 and havent gone up. My goal is to reach 190-200 with the same BF%.

    Everywhere ive looked, ive seen that a cycle of test is the way to go for beginners. So i asked some of my friends at the gym(that obviously juice) and i found out one of them distributes. He suggested a cycle of test of 300mgs/week and increase little by little every week for 9-11 weeks till the bottle is finished, with a good diet, supplement stack. workout, then pct. He said my gains should be in the 15-25lbs range depending on how much effort i put into it. He used to compete at 160 when he was younger. But now hes at a solid 200 and for his age (37) he looks great. So he should know what he's talking about. I hope. And if i was doing this cycle, what else should I add (if anything) would i need arimidex?

    What do you guys think the info ive received? and the path I wanna take?

    Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Sound too young as being young can cause certin hormonal problems that you should research so you know that your putting you endocrine system under stress that it might not be ready for.

    Dose sounds too low, and will not near anywhere near that poundage, at least not without alot of fat. Run it at 500 a week as a start, test is a weak steroid so don't get your hopes up unless you respond really well too it or are underweight you prob won't break 10-15lbs lbm in one cycle.

    It's hard to say if you would need an Aromatase inhibitor on cycle since you don't know weathe your prone to gyno or other symptoms. But if you buy nolva you can use it for pct and on cycle if needed.

  3. Sorry cant post in this section. Plus u have plenty of time and research to do before u start cycling. See I just gave u another leisure activity

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