1. Red face CLEN CYCLE - 7 QUESTIONS.

    I have 30ML of liquid clen and also 50 tabs of 30MG ephedrine.

    Was going to do a cutting cycle of clen and also use the EC stack but i have a few Q's first on the clen.

    1 How long should/or can a clen cycle be? I know its 2 weeks on/2 weeks off but can that be continous over a 14 week period, so 7 cycles of clen all up?

    2 Should i use the EC stack on the same time as clen or should i use it on my OFF weeks?

    3- What is a good dosing for a first time clen user, i was thinking:

    Week 1 - 40mcg
    Week 2 - 40mcg
    Week 3 - OFF (EC stack)
    Week 4 - OFF (EC stack)
    Week 5 - 60mcg
    Week 6 - 60mcg
    Week 7 - OFF (EC stack)
    Week 8 - OFF (EC stack)
    Week 9 - 80mcg
    Week 10 - 80mcg
    Week 11 - OFF (EC stack)
    Week 12 - OFF (EC stack)
    Week 13 - 80mcg
    Week 14 - 80mcg

    4 If im dosing at 80mcg do i does 2-3 times during the day to reach 80mcg or do i just dose 80mcg at once?

    5 How do i take the liquid clen just squirt it into my mouth and swallow or squirt it into water or what?

    6 If im using an insulin needle and i draw 0.2 does that = 20mcg?

    7 would it be dangerous to take a diuretic at the end of my cutting cycle while using clen?

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  3. 2 . You should not use ec in off weeks because it will continue burn out your receptors. Counter this will benadryl
    4.I would split doses so there is a gradual increase rather then one big dose. Esp with the side effects. Do not take any dose close to when you want to sleep.

    5. Squirt in your mouth. You can use a chaser. Or you can use some topical carrier and it will have more localized fat loss.

  4. 1.2 weeks on 2 off since ephederine effects teh beta 2 receptors or whatever it is, use t3
    3.idk never used oral clen
    4.i injected it all at once
    5.yes or w juice doesnt matter
    6. depends on size of slin pin 1cc or 1/2 cc just do the math from there
    7.i dont think youd need it and id say yes itd be dangerous. youre gonna cramp like a mothner ****er anyways
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