eating dirty while bulking when ON

  1. eating dirty while bulking when ON

    Okay I told myself I wasnt going to eat dirty on this bulk

    cycle was m14add bridged into pmag

    I mean diet hasnt been BAD lots of chicken and lean ground meat

    But I did deviate quite a bit more than I would have liked too

    AAS are partitioners right? But just how much? I have gained 20 lbs in this last cycle

    I know all of this isnt muscle from the looks of it prolly bout 8 lbs muscle 5-6 fat and a couple lbs water

    does anyone else have this problem?! I need some motivation I justify it with "O well im ON"
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. It all depends on how many calories you require a day. If you need a **** load to gain weight, then dirtying it up a bit here and there should be alright. However, AAS should never be an excuse to eat a bunch of garbage.

  3. i would say it's all good if your on an all out bulk, but you gotta watch that midsection or you'll have to dedicate some extra time on those crunches and
    r u logging this run? been considering running the same thing.

  4. i dont need ALOT to grow probably about 3.3k and im eating at 3.8k

    And im not eating alot of garbage i should have made myself more clear

    I still get my protien from lean product like lean beef, chicken, eggs turkey

    just have been cheating more often is all

    not logging it but it is a GREAT product the m14add

    strength gains have been amazing and 20 lbs is no joke
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

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