Tren and kidney damage

  1. Tren and kidney damage

    I have been reading contradictory info abou tren concerning kidney damage. Some say the dark urine is a result of tren metabolites. Others say they had associated back pain with it.

    I have read NO articles where people have posted their prognosis if they did indeed have dark urine.

    From personal experiences using tren...does it damage your kidneys? Did you have any bloodwork (ie, eGFR, creatinine, etc) before and after a tren cycle?

  2. Yes white on tren I got curious so I up the dose to 1000 a wk..... I had kidney pain and my ables swelledup like tennis balls.... And my ables at norm are incredible small boned

  3. Lol ankles"

  4. We talking injectable tren? Yeah Id say it should be hard on kidneys. Though as log as your not jensen running a gram you'll probably be fine. You can take cranberry extract to help.

  5. Yah I was at 650_700 had alot so I thought wtf might as well, my final inj was like 3.2cc of tren half half



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