on cycle and fukcinn sick :( need advice

  1. on cycle and fukcinn sick :( need advice

    Ok im on day 29 of the SD/Epi bridge and Im more sick than since i can remember. I had a 103 fever yesterday and have been having a prety high fever off and on throughout the last few days. Ive been taking tylenol and motrin pretty excessively. I went to the doc and she diagnosed me with "sinusitis" and prescribed me antibiotics and told me to get mucinex.

    Been takin that for a day and not getting noticeable better. Now im starting to get these ulcers on my tongue, disgusting i know, and that combined with the sore throat makes it really painful to eat

    Im aware aceteminophen isnt the best idea to be taking while on methlys and was just wondering if the methlys in my system could be making me worse? Also my BP was at 149/82 at the doc, should i abandon the cycle? Im not comfortable with telling my doc about what ive been taking so any advice would be appreciated. Thnx

  2. how long was your cycle going to be?
    did you bridge to the epi yet
    i get sick on cycle offen (not as sick as you)
    imo i assume you ran your sd 3 weeks and are bridged over to the epi i would stop my cycle and start my pct

  3. Not sure how safe this is since you should really talk to your doc, but You might be able to drop SD if your still on it, and just run the epi at 20mg or so. It's a very mild methyl but it might be enough to help hold on to the weight well your sick.

  4. 75mg dhea, 1200mg quercitin (sp) & orange juice.

    feel better in 1-3 days.

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