My situation

  1. My situation

    Recently I have became good friends with a bodybuilder at my gym. He came to me and told me that he picked me up a bottle of test cyp. American made (he bought it from his friend that has a Rx).
    He can only get me 1 vial, he suggested to run it at 200mg a week for 12 weeks and i will get great gains.

    Is it not even worth the 100$ since I can only get 1 vial? And it would have to be a low dosage.


  2. 200mg a week would be kind of lame

    thats more test than you have naturally, but its pretty lame

  3. Does 100$ seem like a rip off?

  4. 100 per 10ml vial is ok. Nut best but ok, its good for human test

  5. Ya unless u have low test it wont be anything too special. Depending on what u have ran in the past u could do a kick start and then finisher to make 2 "cycles."

  6. Seems real low To run it. You have to keep in mind that most orals and designer steroids are all much stronger than even a high dose test injection, so just don't get your hopes very high.

    Though it would be great to run the test with a rough oral run to keep a constant test level going. Maybe even one to kick start and one 4 weeks later with the test you would not even need pct in between both cycles which would be nice. I don't know just thinking aloud


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