Who sells andractim?

  1. Who sells andractim?

    I will not be on this board for much longer..
    Warning to everyone else that is thinking about this.. if you do this I WILL BAN YOU OR ONE OF MY MODS WILL BAN YOU... and if you do like numbnuts did and bring it up again.. I will ban you again... till I have to IP ban you dumbass..
    Matthew D

  2. Andractim is illegal w/o a prescription.....and with that no asking for sources is allowed...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jergo
    Andractim is illegal w/o a prescription.....and with that no asking for sources is allowed...
    Jergo! You crazy mofo, keep it in your pants weener man! Your scaring people again.. just say excuse me good sir, but we don't talk like dat round heaaa

    You know I love you man(don't get all excited ) Thanks again for the 19-nordiol cyp info!!

  4. I bought some online from a site that requires a prescription.

    I filled out a short form, stating why I needed it etc etc. and a doctor read it, and accepted it. Then I received my tube.

    It was a few years ago..and I lost the web site sorry.

    And BTW.. the andractim didn't do anything for me..surgery is your best bet. You'll be very happy with the results. And it's a simple procedure..you aren't even asleep.
  5. Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by gyno
    Where can I find some??
    Anyone know?
    Thanks so much guys
    You were warned and now banned.


  6. Someone failed to read the freakin stickies about posting.. if you are younger than 18 don't post on this part of the board.. PH's are not for you.. and I would venture to say if you are less that 21, I would not even think about doing them.. Matthew D

    How long did it take to recover? How bad was your gyno? Mine is not really bad at all except for the puffy nipples. My chest is basically perfect size but my nipples have that tissue behind them and they stick out, so I'd only need that taken out, how long does that take to recover

    And I'm 16 - Is this an option for me?
    I guess, but I'd have to be all upfront with it to my parents - No?

    So andractim is a nogo?


  7. And thanks for the ban "size"

    Hope someone has an answer -
    God bless

  8. if your 16....id say that your most likely mistaken. Its probably just fat storage, that while the rest of you may be fairly lean (never said bf %), you just genetically store it there. While pubescent gyno is possible...it is usually fairly mild and surgery or even andractrim is not the first or even any solution at your age.


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